Filé Gumbo
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  Cafe & Bar Open 7.00pm                          Full Bar.

at:     Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regents Park Road, Camden, London NW1 7AY

No dance

Friday 8th February 2019
Acadian Strings
A fiddle led band playing fun Cajun dance music with a touch of western swing, including some of their own compositions.

Acadian Strings are a four piece band featuring twin fiddles, guitar, and bass / ‘tit fer / rub board, with harmony vocals. The band members are Charlie Skelton on fiddle and vocals, Carol Wilson on double bass, vocals and ‘tit fer / rub board, Peter Dunhill on guitar and vocals, and Paris based fiddle player Naïk Peudon on fiddle, alto, and ‘tit fer.

The band plays traditional Cajun and Creole music laced with a smattering of new compositions in the style. The music features driving creole blues, twin fiddle led swing, and traditional two steps; interspersed with some of the loveliest and saddest waltzes on the scene.

£14 (con. £13)

Friday 8th March 2019
Mardi Gras Party
Pon' Bro

Cerddoriaeth draddodiadol Cajun

Traditional Cajun music from North Wales????
Well, they were a headline band at the Bristol Cajun and Zydeco Music Festival, and we enjoyed them so much, we just had to entice them to make the long journey down to London to play for you!
A marvellous band for a marvellous evening.
And what better event than a Cajun Mardi Gras party!

£14 (con. £13)

Friday 12th April 2019
Out of the Swamp
If you love old-time Cajun music, this is for you. Chris Hall is the doyen of Cajun accordionists in the UK. His main man, Mitch Proctor, on fiddle has been playing with him for years, and they just spark off each other. Hazel Scott on guitar and powerful Cajun vocals brings memories of Cleoma Falcon. When they all hit that groove together, it's just magic.

£14 (con. £13)